Solar Drinks

Solar Drinks is an opportunity for folks in the greater Portland area (and occasionally in other parts of the state) to meet other community members who support renewable energy. Come join us for a relaxed social and networking event where you can speak with Solar Oregon staff, solar industry members, and your neighbors about any topic under the sun!

Upcoming Solar Drinks Events

Come Socialize Over Solar Drinks

Monday, June 27th, 6 PM
New Heights Physical Therapy
5736 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213
New Heights Net Zero Ready
Host: Kevin Poe, New Heights Physical Therapy
Speaker: Bob Bissell, Far Pacific
Sponsors: Umpqua Bank, Far Pacific
The inspiration behind the New Heights Physical Therapy building is GAPO Holdings, LLC guided by Kevin Poe, Donna Gramont and associates. The building is a story unto itself and the best explanation is provided by the Energy Trust of Oregon case study on the ETO website. The original structure is over the century mark and was given an opportunity to continue to provide value to the neighborhood by the team of professionals gathered by GAPO to breath new life into the project. Commissioned for occupancy on December 1, 2014, NHPT was designed to be an example of sustainability and efficiency utilizing leading construction techniques, reuse of many materials and leading small commercial off-the-shelf hvac/hrv technology. The highly flexible integration responds quickly to changes in programming and reflects those changes within minutes and can provide net result feedback as quickly as Portland General Electric, the providing utility, gathers data from the meter. As a solar-ready qualified installation, the next phases of design should take NHPT into the realm of net zero and into providing a net positive for GAPO. Something few small commercial applications have the opportunity to demonstrate. We look forward to showing what we have accomplished and discussing the future. For more information, see the article. Hope to see you there.

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