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Founded in 1979, Solar Oregon is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit membership organization providing public education and community outreach to encourage Oregonians to choose solar energy.
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Our New Moon Shot: Restore a Healthy Climate by 2070

by Gordy Molitor, Solar Oregon Board Member

At the recent Citizens' Climate Lobby Regional Conference in Portland, participants were inspired by a positive outlook for the future, a vision for restoring the climate by year 2070.  Our New Moon Shot:  Restore a Healthy Climate by 2070 was written by Peter Fiekowsky, physicist, business owner, and volunteer for the Citizens' Climate Lobby.  He says, “We can restore the climate of the 1980s by 2070.  It won't require a miracle or big sacrifices, just the will and policies to do it.”

Fiekowsky compares the current situation with President Kennedy's 1961 speech challenging the United States to put a man on the moon.  Many people thought that was an impossible goal, but the country rose to the occasion. Fiekowsky says that we can accomplish a similar thing with the climate by energy efficiency and shifting to renewable energy, including wind and solar.  He points out that solar, which now provides only about 1% of our electricity, is growing by over 50% a year, and, if we keep that pace, solar will provide 50% of our electricity by 2025.

According to Fiekowsky, two policy changes are need to accomplish the goal of restoring our climate.  The first is placing a gradually increasing tax on carbon.  The second is promoting investment in clean energy. 

I found Fiekowsky's article a motivation for my volunteer activities with the Citizens' Climate Lobby, which advocates for a carbon tax, and with Solar Oregon, which advocates for solar energy.  I share it with you in hopes that it will similarly encourage you in your solar work and join Solar Oregon, as a part of the Citizens Climate Lobby.

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