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Founded in 1979, Solar Oregon is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit membership organization providing public education and community outreach to encourage Oregonians to choose solar energy.
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Residential FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions for solar energy systems in Oregon.

1.  How much will my solar energy system cost?
2.  Who provides financial incentives?
3.  What are my financing options?
4.  Does solar work in Oregon?
5.  What size system do I need for my house?
6.  Do the solar panels need to face south?
7.  Do I need to replace my roof before the solar panels are installed?
8.  How much will my solar system weigh?
9.  How much space does the solar system need?
10. Is my house good for solar?
11. How much power does a solar electric system produce?
12. Will the utility pay me for my solar production?
13. Where can I attend workshops to learn more?
14. What about maintenance?
15. Are the solar panels fragile?
16. How long will the solar electric system last?
17. Can I install my own system?
18. How does solar electric work?
19. How does solar hot water work?
20. What happens if the solar panels are shaded?
21. What is Net Metering?
22. What is a solar lease?
23. Does solar add value to my home?
24. Do I need batteries with the system?
25. How does the solar power get stored?
26. What happens when the utility has a power outage?
27. Do the solar panels need to be mounted on my roof?
28. Does solar power work for commercial buildings?
29. What happens if the solar panels get covered by snow?
30. How does solar energy help the environment?
31. How long does it take to install a solar electric system?
32. What does PV or Photovoltaic mean?
33. What are Watts, Kilowatts, and Kilowatt Hours?
34. Can homeowners install their own solar energy system?
35. What questions should I ask my contractor?
36. Why is it called "Passive" solar?
37. What are the solar electric incentives in Washington?
38. What is the history of solar electric (PV)?
39. Are solar electric systems reliable?
40. Can I use a tankless water heater with a solar water heating system?
41. Can I use solar power to heat my pool?
42. What is solar space heating and does it work?
43. What is a zero energy building?
44. Where can I check for Solar Water Heater product reviews?


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