ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Legislators to Support a New Residential Solar Incentive

June 30, 2017

ACTION ALERT: Still Time to Contact Your Legislators to Support a New Residential Solar Incentive!

UPDATE, 6/30/2017: Thank you to everyone who has called or sent an e-mail to your legislators. It’s making a difference! If you haven’t had a chance to contact your legislator, there’s still time. The original action alert is below. Take a few minutes and contact your legislator today. Legislators need to hear from you!

In asking for folks to contact legislators about HB 2066, some have noticed there is no reference to solar in that bill as it was introduced. That’s true. But all tax credits will be rolled into one amendment and “stuffed” into that bill (yes, “stuffed” is an actual legislative term). Our efforts are aimed at making sure that the new residential solar incentive is included in that amendment and part of the overall tax credit bill. It just happens that HB 2066 has been chosen as the general bill for tax credits.


The RETC will expire at year’s end, but now we have the chance to create a new tax credit to help residential customers install solar on their rooftops. The new credit, known as the Residential Incentive for Solar Energy (RISE), will make it easier for residential customer to go solar.
To win this crucial new policy, we must persuade the legislature to fund it–a decision legislators will make by July 10. We need as many solar professionals and supporters as possible to contact their legislators and urge them to support this program.
Please contact both your state senator and state representative.

1. Use this form – – to find your state senator’s and state representative’s contact info (look at the “Senate” and “House” tabs after you have entered your address at the top right corner).
2. Call their phone number or send an e-mail and urge them to support the new solar tax credit in HB 2066 using the talking points below.
3. If you get a response, let us know by emailing

1. Ask your legislator to support the new solar tax credit in HB 2066
2. The new solar tax credit (Residential Incentive for Solar Energy) will help solar RISE in Oregon!
3. If you have solar on your house, tell your legislator about how important it was for you to have help to make solar more affordable.
4. Tell your legislator why you support more solar in Oregon (clean energy, good green jobs, etc.).
5. Ask your legislator to weigh in with legislative leadership requesting to fund the new solar tax credit.

Contact your legislator today! If you have already contacted your legislators, a big thank you! Ask family and friends to help out!

Thanks for your help in supporting Oregon solar!

PS. Take a few minutes and call or e-mail your legislator about supporting the new residential solar tax credit in HB 2066. Let them know how important you feel solar is in Oregon!