New 1.02MW Solar Installation in Portland City Limits

March 30, 2017

In mid-March, Imagine Energy at last completed one of the largest solar installations Portland has yet seen: 1.02 MW on the Montgomery Park commercial complex. The 1920 building, formerly a Montgomery Ward mail-order catalog warehouse, was acquired in the 1980’s and fully renovated into what is now the second largest office building in Oregon. Since then its owner, Bill Naito Co., has transformed the historic building through a host of upgrades and retrofits into one of the most sustainable commercial buildings in the United States. Its latest addition, the 1.02 MW solar array, will produce more than 30% of the buildings’ energy needs and likely increase its already impressive current Energy Star Rating of 95 to 98, indicating energy efficiency greater than 98% of US commercial buildings.

The complex installation covers four separate buildings, including American Can (207.4 kW), Nacco (161.1 kW), Montgomery Park (424.11 kW) and its north parking structure (229,1 kW). Totaling 3068 335W smart modules, the installation utilizes standing seam, hybrid ballast, and steel truss mounting systems, and is said to incorporate the tallest ballasted solar installation in the US. The north parking garage installation features canopies spanning 150’, a high efficiency LED lighting system, and four EV charging stations. The entire system is wirelessly interconnected by Tigo’s Cloud Connect technology.

Montgomery Park’s presence on the National Registry of Historic Places, the wind and seismic engineering required of ballasted solar systems in Portland, and the harshest Portland winter in 40 year posed significant challenges in the permitting, review, and construction processes. But with a lot of dedication and as much persistence; after four protracted historic reviews; six crane lifts, including a 300-ton crane mobilization to set the 150′ trusses; a major electrical service upgrade; and the many other complications that attend any project of this scale and complexity, Imagine Energy is proud to declare the Montgomery Park project a success.

Please join Imagine Energy at the site Friday, April 14th, 2017  to celebrate with a tour, speakers, and refreshments. RSVP at  and check out this short video of the completed array in all its splendor!

1.02 MW on the Montgomery Park commercial complex, one of the largest solar installations in Portland.